Red Jasper

I had a red jasper stone wired into necklace a couple of weeks ago. I really liked it. But then I lost it for a few days this week. Things went a bit bad this week. I don’t give a stone credit for causing a bad week but for some reason I feel it was connected. Maybe because I choose the red jasper as a stone for myself, giving myself space/ permission to make life changes, accept some things and change others. Anyway, it was on my mind a lot while it was missing. Tonight my Mom found it. I had left it with a work shirt, it must have come off when I took off the shirt.

Anyway, it’s back now.

Some stones radiate high levels of energy, such as quartz (especially in smoky or rutilated form). Others work much more slowly. One of these is red jasper. In some Native American cultures red jasper is considered to be the symbolic blood of the earth, and it’s generally thought to be one of the best stones for connecting with the deep, stabilizing energies of the earth.

In the chakra system red relates to emotions, and of all the red stones it is the least volatile. Jasper is a stone which makes its effects known slowly and gradually.

It is considered an emotionally calming stone, and can be an excellent stone for either those who are hypersensitive to crystalline energy and find it difficult to work with, or for those who like change to be a gradual, unfolding process.

In this context it is particularly recommended for gem essences. It’s also a very good stone to use when someone is upset, and needs to be calmed down.

Source: Our Glass Wire

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