How to Make Your Own Book of Shadows

Your Book of Shadows (BoS) is personal. You can make the entire book yourself or buy a book, decorate it and then begin creating the contents of your own Book of Shadows. However you start the¬†physical, actual book and however you decorate it – it’s what’s inside that counts.

A Book of Shadows can be for a coven, keeping the rules, rituals and history of the coven.… Read the rest

Where the Wild Things Are: Merry Spring

Merry Spring. That’s what I say and celebrate instead of Easter. Now it’s just past Beltane, also known as May Day (especially if you’re about to crash in an airplane).

How do you bring the Pagan holidays into your own life? Do you light a candle at midnight and recite something from a book? Do you go outside and contemplate being skyclad if only it wasn’t so cold out?… Read the rest