The Fight to be the Perfect Witch

You are never going to be the perfect Witch, or anything else really. Stop comparing yourself to others. You, or they, can never be perfect. It is a losing battle which leaves people discouraged, burnt out and stressed.

Be the best Witch (or anything else you want to be or do) you can. I know that’s old and worn out advice. But, think of it as time tested instead.

People put pressure on themselves to be some ideal Witch (or whatever/ anything else). Its killer.

First, as soon as you start learning and understanding one thing you begin to see so much more you can learn and understand. It is never ending. So you, being just one human being, you can’t ever learn or understand it all. That’s a good thing. It means you never need to get dull or stagnate. Keep learning and evolving.

You’re never going to be the perfect Witch, and the other people you think or believe are perfect – are not either! Ask them, if they can be humble enough to be honest. No one is the perfect Witch. Not the people writing the books, not the ones running workshops and classes, not the people selling the herbs and tools and everything else online. None of them are perfect or all knowing.

So give yourself a break! You can’t be a perfect Witch but you can be a happy Witch. Work on that.