A Better Reply to Those Who Fear Paganism

We are always changing, evolving. Not only do we change ourselves as we get older and value things differently. But, we change our minds as new ideas come in and merge with our existing ideas. Six years ago (on this same day) I wrote a short reply I could give to anyone who felt afraid, distrustful, of Paganism.

“What makes your path better? You offer nothing but threats of harm and accuse me of sinning.”

I wouldn’t write or say that now. I’ve changed and I see things differently. I’m not so eager to change other people or push them to understand or accept anything.

I’d like to know why people fear Paganism, Witches, Wicca, etc? It matters less to me that anyone does fear it than to know and understand their reasons.

Most likely it is still about misunderstanding, a lack of knowledge, and prejudice from other sources who also don’t know or understand. But, that’s how things are. People have to choose something else and they aren’t likely to. It is easier to stay the same and go with the flow of popular opinion than poke your head up and take a chance on forming your own (different) opinion.

As a generic thing to say, to someone who fears Paganism, I would say: “It’s about nature, more than religion.”

I don’t think that will help them understand if they don’t really want to understand. But, its a simple statement, not aggressive or threatening. It doesn’t challenge their beliefs or ask them to change, or think too hard. I wouldn’t offer to explain more and I wouldn’t even want to convert them to anything.

If people ask for more information I could tell them about my feelings and thoughts. But, nothing too personal. Each person needs to figure life out for themselves. It’s not for me to teach or preach to anyone. Especially to people who probably don’t want to hear or listen. But, I have learned that people are more likely to stop and listen to a whisper, than a lot of loud yelling.

Consider that next time you talk to a non-believer.