A Graveyard Venue for Sims 4

Happy Haunts – A venue with new NPCs and moodlets. 

Quoted from the site:
The core of this mod is a new graveyard venue and gameplay related to that. The mod is modular and features gameplay for players who want more realistic gameplay and those who enjoy playing with occult Sims.
Since loss is a sensitive topic my mod tries to stay true to the Sims gameplay and adds a little humor to lighten up the mood.

The core mod adds three types of new NPCs:

A Graveyard Keeper

Graveyard Ghosts

Graveyard Visitors

All of these NPCs have their own custom autonomy to act appropriately. The Graveyard Keeper is a special Sim called Micheal Lovett that will be created once you visit the Graveyard for the first time. You can also assign your own Sim as graveyard keeper through the cheats menu.

The graveyard keeper sells the new custom urns and tombstones that come with the mod. Additionally if you have Seasons or Eco Lifestyle installed, you’ll be able to purchase Flower arrangements and candles from him and can see him craft them if you place the objects on your graveyard venue.