Art by Margaryta Yermolayeva

I was looking online for nothing in particular, just taking a break from something else I should have been working on. I found a witch postcard for sale on eBay that was kind of funny, caught my curiousity. I found the artist and searched for her, Margaryta Yermolayeva. She has a lot of art, mainly in the folk art Halloween theme.

This is my favourite. I like the colours, the outdoors scene and the atmosphere. It looks like a misty spring morning to me. The grass is that light shade of green, like new grass before summer cooks it. She (Ryta) may have never been in Ontario (she was born in Russia, now lives in the US) but this scene could be in so many countries and places, including Ontario. A scene you could have covering a whole wall, like a mural and not get tired of looking at over the years. Simple, lovely, and calming. One of those ‘just right’ things.

She also has greeting cards for Christmas, Valentine’s Day and of course, Halloween. The US dollar and shipping cost made it too pricey for me. But, I did find a set of cards for Christmas that I almost bought. Quite unique, with a big smiling moon looking down on a Christmas scene. A flavour of witch/ Pagan yet traditional enough to send to anyone on your list.