At The End of the Day I Sometimes Wonder Who Decided…

The idea that there are different kinds of Witches, Wiccans, Pagans, is not new. But, I don’t think there should be an all inclusive, exclude nothing approach to being a Witch, or really, anything. If nothing is excluded then what makes one person or group, different from any other person or group. In order to be something, you have to actually be something.

I exclude Ouija boards from my idea of a Witch. I’ve seen some people who try calling them “witch boards”. They are not Witch boards. In my opinion they are an occult thing and a lot of occult things don’t seem very Witch-like (or safe) to me. I don’t believe in hell, satan, devils, etc. I do believe there are bad people, evil deeds. These are all real things people have created. Like the idea of hell and so on. How do you scare people into obeying your rules, make them afraid not to. Give them terrifying consequences.

What is a Modern Witch?

You can go through a shopping list and throw endless things into your cart, deciding what a modern Witch is. It would be easier to decide what to exclude. Sort of easier, not as easy in these days of mass inclusion. Well Witches, dare to step on someone’s toes and make a decision about what a Witch is and what a Witch is not.

The Wiccan Rede is a good place to start. Harm none, in essence. People add in contingencies and excuses and justify everything in order to suit themselves. But, the Wiccan Rede is not about making yourself comfortable. It sets a standard. It’s an almost impossible standard but it gives you a direction to head for. Don’t be too quick to slide off the path. Think about your actions and don’t harm others.

I want to be honest, an honest person. With more than 50 years of experience I can say that honesty does make life easier. Not always, but overall. Plus, honesty isn’t all black and white. You can be honest without hurting someone’s feelings, or making promises you don’t want to keep. In the second case, don’t back down and make a promise or a commitment you don’t want to keep. Be firm and politely decline, even if they whine.

I exclude things I don’t believe in. That sounds simple but it’s taken me many years to decide not to believe in some things. It’s like a child believing in Santa Claus because they want to so much. I believe in the Christmas spirit. Santa Claus is a face for the Christmas spirit. People like having a face to look at. Something recognizable and human looking. But, it took me awhile to decide to believe in that Christmas spirit versus the marketing and religious versions of Christmas. I don’t see the point in being a Grinch during the holidays and pulling others down. Let people be happy when they can.

Deciding who you are, making decisions about what you will and will not believe are lifelong tasks for a modern Witch. As new ideas come along a Witch can’t sit back in the dark and ignore them. Guide yourself through modern life, making decisions based on harm none, but without being a doormat.

At the end of the day, I sometimes wonder who decided…

Who decided the pentacle was “the” symbol of Witches? I can read about why it is, but I wonder who decided to start it and keep it. As a modern Witch, is that something you want to keep, or is there something new you might be the very person to start up?