Be Creative and Wise While Harming None

On Facebook, Witches of Ontario, someone posted about their landlord not wanting them to practice Wicca/ Witchcraft in the home. The landlord was concerned about the spirits which might be attracted to the home. Yes, people do have rights and freedom of religion. Many people replied about that, some getting aggressive about it. However, there is truth to the landlord’s concerns. I do believe in the law of attraction, where what we do brings in/ attracts other elements, things, people which may not be a good thing – even when it was intending as a good thing.

Also, I really believe the landlord has a right to feel safe in their home (it is a shared home).

Why did most people posting not consider the landlord and, the Wiccan Rede about harming none? Has that been thrown out the window? Does it get in your way so just toss aside the fundamental belief in harming none? Very, very few people wrote about accommodating the landlord, respecting their rights, beliefs, or fears.

I wrote:

The landlord has a right to feel safe too. Why not practice outdoors? Keep a backpack with everything you need to be mobile and take it to a public park, the beach, etc. Pick up some rocks, leaves, whatever you find and add them to your altar. Be creative and wise while harming none.

I wrote a post about making a mobile altar. If you have a similar situation where you need to find another location consider going mobile. You have the benefit of being in the church of the great outdoors while practicing your beliefs and harming none.