Do It Yourself Spells and Magick

Spells and magick are a do it yourself project.

Real magick, real spells, are not something you can buy from someone who will make things happen for you overnight. That’s fiction. If someone had that kind of power why would they need to sell it? Wouldn’t they already have everything they need? Wouldn’t they give themselves everything they wanted, first? Don’t count on finding a fairy godmother who fixes everything while you do nothing, learn nothing, and change nothing for yourself.

Real lasting change is something you work for and attain. It’s an achievement.

Spells, magick, hexes, prayers, positive affirmations, mantra, call them what you like. Each are about coaching yourself to change and bring about something you want. It may be something you want to happen, stop happening, or something you want to feel. In a nutshell its about change. Change isn’t easy. Changing a habit is difficult, with ups and downs along the way. But you can coach yourself, keep yourself on track, along the way.

Keep in mind, you can only change yourself. You can’t make someone love you. But you can make yourself  happier by changing what you can in your own life. Being and feeling happier will attract people to you. It may not be the one you thought you wanted who didn’t notice you or chose someone else. That’s ok. People are allowed to make their own choices, have free will. Find someone who is with you for the right, good reasons, not something artificial and temporary.

You can’t make yourself instantly rich, but you can ask for a raise, apply for a new job, try a new career, take some extra training, and so on. Those are things you can do, for yourself. Improving yourself will last longer than a winning lottery ticket, and it can’t be easily lost or taken away.

You can make your own change, without paying for a spell, a hex, a prayer, etc.

What change do you want? Money, love, romance, there are so many things and it might not be as simple as love or money. Think about what it is you really want and what you need. Plan out the path to get there and start at the beginning. Don’t get side tracked or try to take a bigger step and avoid the smaller steps along the way.

Write your own words. Call it a spell if you like. Add things which have meaning to you, create a ritual. A ritual is something that becomes a habit. If having objects as part of an alter (something you can see and touch) helps keep your focus and makes the coaching work for you, do it! This is about you. It should be personal.

Keep it simple, short and to the point. Words easy to remember, especially when you need them, are feeling stressed or upset. These are words you will use to coach yourself through a period of change.

Your words will have far more meaning for you than anything someone else writes. You don’t need approval from someone else. This spell, words for coaching yourself, are only for you, custom made.

The hard part is to believe in yourself, your words, your ritual. This is the magick. Get help from friends, family, professionals, who ever can help you to find faith and belief in yourself. But, even with outside help, its you who makes the change. Its you who makes things work. You can do this because you want to do this.

Making changes isn’t easy, it won’t happen in a day (usually) but you can do it yourself, for yourself.