Do You Believe in Ancient Aliens?

The idea of ancient aliens is really interesting to me. I do think it is believable. But, beyond that, who knows. No one still alive would know.

It is possible aliens, extra terrestrials, visited our planet while we were a new species. Maybe before we became what is recognized as human beings now. Did they think we had potential? Maybe we could be of some use to them? Were we a resource for something, an interesting species (I hesitate to say bug) to watch? Possibly an experiment to see what we did with their ideas and basic technology, like the wheel.

Any new technology would have been mystical and magic looking to early people. I believe religion was invented to make people feel safer in a world where they had lightening in the sky, huge animals, vast space and not much control or understand of any of it. But, who knows. Maybe ancient aliens came along and helped them along. It’s possible.

More information – The Raelian Movement

Raëlians believe that humanity has at various points in history been visited by extraterrestrials. The people of ancient and modern times confused the aliens’ technology and power as “divine” and thus based spiritual movements on these experiences, forming religions throughout history. Raëliasm, then, rejects the idea of supernatural beings, instead claiming that these aliens simply had far greater technology than humans. Raël founded “Clonaid” in 1997, a venture to clone a human child, and its bishop (Brigitte Boisseleir) claimed to have successfully cloned a child in 2002 and again in 2003, attracting international media attention.

Source – Weird Worm – 10 Bizarre Fringe Religions