Do you Believe in God and the Apocalypse?

There is talk about the Apocalypse due to signs in Revelations in the Bible, or prophecies by other people in history. I don’t believe in any of these. Not that I don’t think the planet is in trouble. We are putting a lot of stresses on our ecosystems and our resources. We do need to focus on making things better, fixing what we can and saving what we haven’t already ruined. I think there is still time, as long as the planet isn’t taken past the point of no return we can still make it work.

However, I don’t believe in the predictions for our imminent failure, the end of civilization and the end of everything. I don’t believe in the standard God and I don’t believe in Satan, the devil, etc. Neither am I an atheist. I believe there is something that started the ball rolling, sparked something that began the creation of the universe and everything. However, I really doubt that thing, who or whatever it was, still keeps an eye on us or has much interest in what each of us want as individuals.

I don’t believe in Adam and Eve and the Garden of Eden and the big, bad snake. If you don’t believe in the creation of the world by God then how (or why) would you believe that that God will end the world. If God wasn’t there in the beginning is he/ she suddenly going to pop into existence now? Not likely. To me it seems that anyone believing or considering the prophecies in the Bible should believe in all of it, including the way the Bible explains the world was begun. How can you put faith in God ending the world if you don’t believe God created the world?

Having said that, don’t sit back and think you’ve been a good person, etc. and now God will save you. We are each responsible for doing what we can for our world. God isn’t going to step in and fix it for us. If you are one of those who believe God created the planet, you are welcome to hold that belief. If not, it’s time you shook some sense into your head about the end of the world and what you can do to prevent it.

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  1. I believe in God but I don’t believe that we can predict the end of the world. I am not even sure I believe in God the same way most typical Christians do but I do believe he is there and he created the world.
    I also believe everyone has a right to their own belief system but I try to stay away from the doom and gloom people.


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