Fiery Pentacle Circle

I am very particular about the pentacle being the right way up. For those those who may have trouble remembering… one point up. If it has two points up it is about satanism, like a goat with two horns on top of its head. That should make it easy to remember. Don’t confuse Witches with satanists. There are those to try to keep a set of beliefs as a blend of both but I can’t really see it working in the long run. Anyway, I found this pentacle circle for Sims 4.

I tried it about a year ago and it did not work for me. But, it could be something I was doing wrong, conflict with something else I had. So I’m adding it here but with a couple of warnings. The second warning being that you can’t be sure it will be a Witch pentacle when it lands on your game/ Sims floor. It depends on how you are facing it. I decided not to try it again.

The Sim in the image looks like Velma from ScoobyDo. I’m not a huge fan of the show but I’m now thinking to make a Velma Sim for my own game.