Just to Listen and Not Expect More

Having any kind of faith, belief or religion is about labelling yourself and having others label you. Even an atheist, someone who does not believe in any gods (or any formal religion) is labelled, an atheist. A religious based name and word. Funny how so many things are ironic like that.

My label, as best as I can pull together the words, is an atheist Green Witch. I may be wrong. Does it depend more on your perception of those words, or mine?

If you’re reading this you might want to tell me, but I may not listen, or believe, or accept what you have to say. Usually, I do listen but people confuse the word listen with taking action. In reality, listening is not the same as believing, accepting, doing, etc. People, in general, really need to re-learn what it means to just listen and not expect more.

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