I am Witch, Hear me Roar

One thing that bothers me about people who are into Paganism, particularly Wicca, are the trendy money spenders. Those who forget it’s an Earth religion, not a shopping religion. You do not need robes, goblets, altar tools, athames, jewelry, etc. Being a Witch isn’t about how much stuff you can stack up on an altar it’s about having an altar at all and appreciating and knowing what it’s there for.

You can be a Witch without an altar. It’s the meaning of the altar that matters, not it’s existence. It’s not about spells either. People who focus on spells and magick really peeve me. What is all that but stuff for the tourists. Other than your own personal magick (that comes from within yourself and stays there) any other magick falls the wrong way of harms none.

You may think you’re helping someone but did they ask for help? Even if they did ask how are you helping them? People need to do things for themselves, to learn and to appreciate their own efforts. Helping other people will often backfire and next time they will seek you out instead of doing for themselves. You are their crutch, not their friend. Don’t weaken your friends, let them develop their own magick, inside themselves.

… and you thought only Dragons could roar. 😉

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