Lots from Ineliz

 The Blue Tower 

Fisherman House – Its on the water, a pond with waterlilies. I like the idea but I’d try it with a cuter looking house. I’m not a fisherman.

Spooky Single 

Travellers Elixir Shop 

The Burrow – I like building underground. I miss having windows but its fun having so much space regardless for how it looks above ground. I don’t know how much of this is underground, but it sounds like it will be.

Little Darkling House – I like the roof. I usually flatten mine because not being able to use that roof space, a whole floor level, bugs me. But, this tall pointy roof really gives the house a Witchy charm.

Jesse Cottage – A small cottage with gardens. Quite nice as a Witch starter home.

The Lonely Tower – That top window is interesting and, how can I resist exploring a lonely tower.

Pumpkin Bone Club 

The Spider Tavern – Spiders get such a bad reputation for so little reason. I wanted to see more of this one, for the spiders at the very least.

Gothic Cottage – Not as deluxe as the larger places, but I’d like a smaller place to actually live in. My Sims tend to feel that way too. 🙂 

Victorian Library 

The Town Square – Take a look at this one for the idea mainly. Now that I’ve seen it I can think of a lovely “town” square which could sit in front of my Sim house.

The Hollows Mansion 

Swamp Hut 

E-Tiny House – I like those bubble looking windows by the front door. I also like tiny houses.

Doyle Micro Home 

Occult Estate – Nice and generic, in a good way, for a quiet Witch house.

Candle Shop – I’m not a candle person but I could have a Witch household run a little candle shop.

Wood Estate 

Witchy House – Not the usual looking Witch house, for one thing, its not dark or gloomy looking.

Desert Igloo – If you’re not curious to see this one… why not?

Howl’s Flying Castle 

Shadow Market – Stately looking with the blue curtains and old architecture.

Old Apothecary – It’s not as stylish as I thought it could be. But, still worth a look.

Newman Housing 

No one has the same taste, style, or preferences as I do, of course. Please take a look at other lots, paintings, bricks, floor and wall patterns, from Ineliz, don’t settle for just those which appealed to me. Do your own exploring.