Morgana Blackwood from Miss Ruby Bird

I had started downloading Sims from other people, but it is frustrating to be endlessly having to download a variety of eyebrows and etc which (in my opinion) don’t add a lot to the Sim but do add more to the amount of CC files I already have and cause the game to load slower and slower. So, a lot of that detail seems less useful.

I deleted everything I had put in the Tray file and I’m going to DIY for Sims again. But, I can take inspiration from others, like Morgana Blackwood. I did download the CC for that necklace. I can see myself using that for other Witches I create.

Morgana Blackwood
Could it be? The Wicked Witch of the.. Sims World? Darn right it is! Morgana is your typical evil witch and she couldn’t care less that she’s a stereotype, if anything, she embraces it with every evil bone in her body. Why be good if being bad is just so much fun! And because Morgana is 376 years old and has pretty much seen and done it all EXCEPT being Grand Surpreme, she decided to move to Glimmerbrook because her familiar, Raven Sylvester, found out that Glimmerbrook’s ancient and infamous Grand Surpreme, Rowena Whittington, recently died under mysterious circumstances and that her three Granddaughters, Amelia, Druselda and Lorna, are currently competing for the succession. This is exactly the kind of challenge Morgana has been waiting for. Because if anyone deserves that crown, it surely is her!

You can find the other Witches, a blonde vampire, and others, as downloadable content on the site too. (The above description is quoted from Miss Ruby Bird).

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