Morgana Wings and Outfit

I tend to read about female villains with a grain of salt. If I read between the lines and think from a fresh perspective (not an antique male view) then I wonder. In history the winners tell the story. Seldom were women the winners in history. The forgotten, the ignored, the blamed… I’m not man bashing. I’m just rethinking the stories which have been passed down from generations of people.

Anyway, Morganna from the tales of King Arthur and Merlin, could have been a queen from another place, not a sister of someone, not a Witch (in a wicked way). We don’t know. We don’t even know the right spelling of her name, however it was originally.

Meanwhile, here is an outfit including wings for a Morgana character. This is the fairytale version of a woman who was probably a real person long ago in out history.