PolarBearSims Abandoned Victorian Classic Home

 This is an empty house with some CC I’m going to download. I’m still learning more about making my own houses/lots and poking around with premade lots is a good way to figure out more. 

Abandoned Victorian Classic from PolarBearSims

Quoted from PolarBearSims (the storyline for the house).

This stunning home was built in 1887 by William and Carrie Wilkinson. William did most of the work himself with a little help from neighbors in their small country community. During the Great Depression the Wilkinson’s did everything they could to stay with their beloved home. They had just brought William Wilkinson II into the home 8 months before they started to lose everything. Baby William past away 3 months later from Scarlet Fever. This was just one of the homes and families lost everything they had and had to leave their homes. For over a Century this Victorian Classic sat empty. This home did not have running water or electricity. The only heat in the home was a fireplace that was ripped out and sold. All the original candle sconces are still through out the home. The yard is over grown with weeds and the three trees that Carrie planted are no longer alive. This home also has foundation settling and many other things that have been broke over the years. Is your sim the right sim for the job to restore this Victorian Classic?