Science, Religion, and Witches

Today I found a site called The Secular Witch. I had been reading about agnostic Witches and a link came up from the site. Most people seem to think you can’t be agnostic, or an atheist, and still be a Witch (as a religion). I don’t agree. The religion is not about a god or goddess. It was about nature, life, the planet, and so on. It is sad if people now believe in a god/ goddess and have lost this idea.

The Secular Witch is a place for non-religious witches to find resources and support when it comes to atheist, agnostic, skeptical or science-loving spirituality and witchery.

Maybe people still have the old idea that science and religion don’t mix. I think they are versions of the same thing. Early science was seen as magic, experimental and religion was a part of it. Why divide them now?

Then I found Naturalistic Paganism

In summary they seek to explain the universe without resort to supernatural causes. Adopting scientific explanations and skeptical of any claims that are not supported by mainstream science.

In the end, this is a lot of labels and classifying of ideas and people. It is nice to just be an eclectic and let things sort themselves out a bit rather than trying to identify, classify, and control it all.

But, it was interesting to read about both sites and I will have them in my links.

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