The Medium Trait

Luke Production has a Medium (paranormal psychic) mod. Its pretty detailed, not just a couple of tweaks added as a trait. Read about the mod, decide it its for you. I decided not to. Partly, worried about it clashing with other mods I’ve been using and partly because being a Witch isn’t about the paranormal … Read more

A Coven Occult Collection

Aggressive Kitty has an occult collection. Those roses really sold me. They’re beautifully done, especially the colours. A true witchcraft collection, curated by Witches, for Witches. Which includes Zodiac Gifts, spiritual and dark art items such as Art prints, figurines, oils, herbs, Tarot cards, Grimoires and Homemade Spell Candles, Altar tools, books, and so much … Read more

At The End of the Day I Sometimes Wonder Who Decided…

The idea that there are different kinds of Witches, Wiccans, Pagans, is not new. But, I don’t think there should be an all inclusive, exclude nothing approach to being a Witch, or really, anything. If nothing is excluded then what makes one person or group, different from any other person or group. In order to … Read more