The Wild Church Network is in Ontario

Long ago I heard the phrase “the round church” which referred to religion being outside, available to all, without requiring a building, or organized religion. (More or less). Today I found the Wild Church Network.

There are locations in Canada, the US, Australia, and Europe. I found several in Ontario but they don’t all have websites. The site has a directory of locations which (at this time) include: Toronto, Richmond Hill, Barrie, Fergus, Maynooth, Kitchener, St. Catharines, and Ottawa. Check the map, not all of these locations show up in the search of the directory.

As you may have guessed, the Wild Church is about being in nature, but not entirely excluding being indoors due to weather I’d guess.  The idea is to meet out of doors, outside, in the forest. I’ve seen references to eco-spiritual leaders, and forest therapy.

Also, they are not Pagan, or Wiccan, or Witch. Still working with the “Christ Tradition”. So it may not be for every Witch. My impression was New Age more than Pagan, with talk about God/ Jesus. But, it is worth noting and interesting to read about their ideals and the events and gatherings they host.