What is Fashion Magick?

This quote comes from an interview with Gabriela Herstik, author of several Pagan/Witch books.

Yes, in your book you talk about “casting a glamour.” Is there a difference between a glamour and personal style?
To me, a glamour is being intentional with your style. It’s a way for you to take control of the way you’re perceived. It’s a way to disguise what is beneath. Personal style is exactly what a glamour is — it’s a way for you to shape how others see you. It should empower you. No matter what we’re doing we have to live in clothing, anyway. A glamour is a way to reclaim sovereignty and to be energetically intentional and embrace your individuality in a way that makes you feel more connected and protected.

Source – a witch explains how to use fashion as magick – i-D

I don’t agree that fashion is protection but it certainly does change how you are perceived and how people react to you. Clothing isn’t armour, it is expression, art, and decoration. Fashion isn’t something people should follow. Wear what you like and even if you never become ‘in fashion’ you will be happier than people trying to look like someone else.

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