What to Write About in Your Book of Shadows

This is not a full and complete list. For one thing, your Book of Shadows should be individual to you. For another thing, these are just ideas, like a writing prompt.

  • Magic rules and principles.
  • Your goals and what you wish to achieve.
  • Dreams and other forms of divination you try.
  • Drawings, doodles – any kind of illustration.
  • Poetry or a few words and phrases that came to mind.
  • Rituals and ceremonies you try yourself or attend with others.
  • Spells, prayers or incantations.
  • Anything you feel inspired by and clip out of a magazine or bring home to paste into your Book.
  • Herbal facts, lore and your own experiences with herbs and other plants.
  • Research you have done and are still working on.
  • New ideas and fresh thoughts.
  • Notes about any classes or courses you take.
  • Your fears and concerns, anything you aren’t sure about or second guessing.
  • Closing thoughts as you finish writing each time.
  • Draw a diagram of your altar and draw another when you add more or change positions of the objects on it.
  • Make note of any tools you are given or buy for yourself
  • Write about recipes you’ve made.
  • Music and dances.

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