Where the Wild Things Are: Pagan Tradition, Culture and Spirituality

Welcome to the very first Pagan newsletter at BackWash.

Do you know what you’re getting yourself into?

This will be a blend of Pagan culture, occult mysteries, history, science, craft making, simple living and the odd bit of magick tossed in for good measure. You might find recipes where you least expect them. Sometimes there will be humour, sometimes rituals, art or the unexplained. Expect a little chaos, it’s unavoidable.

You even might find more than you ever wanted to know about skeptics, hoaxes and ranting Christians. Those are part of being Pagan, knowing who you are and where you stand. I believe you can’t really explore being Pagan without learning the opposing points of view.

This time I’m including links to Christmas past. People do tend to think more about religion and traditions during the holidays and Pagans are no exception. After all, Pagans are people too.

Originally posted to ‘BackWash: Where the Wild Things Are’ newsletter, January, 10, 2003.

I’m going to re-post my old newsletters for the BackWash: Where the Wild Things Are newsletter. There aren’t many of them but I’d like to have a hard copy of them floating around somewhere.