Wondering if Lilith was actually the first, early female based faith/ belief system turned on by male and patriarch based faith/ beliefs. Early Christianity wanted to be rid of female led beliefs and “holidays”. Lilith has been set as a demon, but was it really just a way to “demonize” what the Christian patriarchy did not want.

Something I’m going to read more about. Posting thoughts here to keep track of them.

Pagan, with a Capital P

Some people don’t even give Pagan, Wicca or Witch/ Witchcraft a capital letter any more. This bothers me.

Pagan is a title, a proper name for something. By correct standards for writing English (the language is another title) we should capitalize the first letter of a word that is a title.

I know English language standards have slipped into non-importance for some people. But, I see this lack of capital letter in writing from people who do make an effort at writing well and keeping the standards for communication in English with all the right punctuation, grammar and spelling. Sure, we all make mistakes. But, not putting a capital letter on a title is not like a spelling mistake or a typo you only make once and don’t happen to catch. It looks deliberate.

Has Pagan lost it’s place, it’s importance?

Pentacles for Pagans

ASCII Text Art: Pentacles for Pagans.

I created the above article for HubPages. While working on it I found two great pentacle designs, one with a tree of life and the other with a dragon. I’d be tempted to buy the dragon one especially if I shopped on Amazon. Not having a credit card has saved me from a lot of online shopping. Instead I am passing along the images and you can get the link in the HubPages post if you want to be the online shopper yourself  Meanwhile, I will just be a pentacle window shopper.