How to Make Your Own Book of Shadows

Your Book of Shadows (BoS) is personal. You can make the entire book yourself or buy a book, decorate it and then begin creating the contents of your own Book of Shadows. However you start the¬†physical, actual book and however you decorate it – it’s what’s inside that counts.

A Book of Shadows can be for a coven, keeping the rules, rituals and history of the coven as it happens. Members of the coven will use the coven’s BoS to copy the rituals into their own Books.

If you are talking about more than one Book of Shadows you say Books of Shadows.

A Book of Shadows can be Hand-Written, Typed or on the Web

You can find great examples of online BoS as blogs. Many of them are abandoned, left online as an archive, not active but not deleted. Most likely they are forgotten, some may have moved on to another site or their own domain. Some just lost interest or the passion waned or they finished high school and had less time to keep the Book of Shadows going.

If you keep your BoS on your computer you can easily arrange it and save it to a DVD. You might use a journal program and keep it locked from any spying eyes with a password.

Consider a binder for your paper Book of Shadows – you can move pages around and keep everything in order by topic. Or, stick with the more traditional journal where you write things as they happen and keep your thoughts as they occur to you.

A paper BoS is nice because you can keep all your scribbled notes and rough drafts. They are nice to look through at times. You see your first and original thoughts rather than only your polished version of each ritual, idea and thought.

Add as many items from nature as you can. A few leaves in the Autumn, pressed flowers in the Spring and Summer. Squish a berry between pages and write around the resulting colour. Try a few ideas but watch out for the pages of your Book, keep them safe from harm too.

Your Book of Shadows style will depend on you and whether you see your BoS as a reflection of your personal journey or more like a text book of facts and information.

Extra Touches to Personalize Your Book of Shadows

Of course you can decorate your Book with clip art, your own art or drawings, things you’ve clipped out of magazines and apply like a collage. Add all the art you like to make the Book your own.

Use the title page to write your name, give the book a special title and write the date you started the book. Add details about the day: the weather, your mood, something good that happened, anything interesting.

As you begin to start your fresh Book of Shadows, write a Book Blessing. Make the blessing a dedication to your spiritual growth, your path of learning and protection for the information within the covers of your book.

If it suits you, write an invocation to the Goddess or Gods. I don’t do this, my beliefs are different.

Write about your choice to follow the Pagan path. How did you get here and why did you choose Wicca or Witchcraft?

Write about your ethics and beliefs as they are now. (Expect these to change, grow and waiver as you learn and discover more).

Write your own initiation, or an initiation for your Book of Shadows.

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